Well, the Boston Bruins came and went, and I believe not only did they run away with the game, but they took the Leafs' wives with them too. Call it tracing back to your barbaric roots, flat out the Leafs got hammered last night, and I'm going to take a look at my preview article and see where it all went wrong.

The Toronto Maple Leafs dealt Tuukka Rask to the Bruins in 2006 for Calder Trophy winning goaltender Andrew Raycroft. Ultimately "Razer" didn't work out, and Tuukka continues to be a A2 netminder for the Bruins.

Well, Tuukka didn't get the start last night, but he did as much on the ice as the entire Leafs squad - nothing.

In September of 2009, the Leafs acquired Phil Kessel for what is now Tyler Seguin, Jared Knight, and Dougie Hamilton. Fans debated whether the sure-bet annual 30-goal sniper Kessel was of fair value in return for former 2nd overall pick Seguin and a pair of solid prospects.

Clearly, the Bruins won that debate last night. Phil Kessel finished the evening with just over 16 minutes of ice-time, putting up just 2 shots on goal with a -1. How he only finished a -1 is also beyond me, so don't beat yourself up for not understanding.

How did Seguin do you did not ask but I'm now addressing it as a question that requires an answer? I'll tell you person who sits there and reads up about the Leafs the following morning trying to find out how anyone can justify the loss - here's the secret, they can't.

Seguin only played 13:29 and scored three goals. He also only had 3 shots on net. So that tells you something - either he has amazing eyes for sniping, or he ate his wheaties, drank his milk, ate the perfect amount of carbs and even stretched his finger muscles prior to the game. It's that, or the Leafs are proving they have zero talent, and I'm just not sure if I can accept that just yet... maybe after another game.

In February of this year, the Leafs sent Tomas Kaberle to the Boston Bruins for a first round pick (which they used to move up and select Stuart Percy), Joe Colborne (who currently leads the AHL in points) and a conditional 2nd round pick if the Bruins make the Stanley Cup Finals - they did. The Leafs then sent that freebie selection to the Avalanche for defenceman John-Michael Liles, who currently has 9 points in 13 games as a Leaf.

Liles? LILES? Who is this person you speak of? I did not notice him on the ice last night. What's that? He played over 21 minutes and finished the game a -2? Preposterous, I suggest that you no longer pay attention to games for you know not what you speak of, person I just made up.

Joe Colborne and the Marlies played last night. They lost 6-1. But hey, Joe Colborne got another goal! He's up to 19 points through 11 games, so, there's that... I guess.

The Bruins are now getting a taste of that circumstance, as despite both goaltenders posting above 0.900 SV%, respectively, the club simply can't outscore their problems.

Oh but they can, Micheal of Yesterday. They can and they did. Case in point - Tim Thomas earned a shutout from a 25 save performance. Ben Scrivens let in 5 goals on 14 shots, no, let's put it another way. Ben Scrivens made 9 saves last night. Jonas Gustavsson made 4. Both goaltenders finished with under a 0.700 SV%, BUT if you add the two TOGETHER, you get like a 1.29 SAVE PERCENTAGE! That means they will stop FUTURE pucks! NICE!

The Bruins hold a 33% success rate when scoring first in a game. So if the Bruins open the scoring tonight, there's a 66% chance they will lose.


When the Leafs get SCORED ON first, they have won EVERY game.


When Steckel wins over 60% of his draws, the Leafs have never lost. That said, the Bruins have the highest face-off winning percentage in the league, and if it proves successful tonight, getting ownership of the puck first off the draw could be the story of the game for a Bruins victory. But that's a big if considering all the other team performance stats.

Oh Yesterday's Micheal, you have no idea what you've written yourself into. This sure-bet win became a prison rape - and not the good kind, either.

Matthew Lombardi went 1 for 1 on the draw. Solid. Tim Connolly went 8 for 7. Good. Tyler Bozak went 5 for 3. Great job Bozak. Mikhail Grabovski went 7 for 8. Needs improvement. David Steckel went 8 for 5. No.... NO.... that cannot be! He won the majority of draws! The Leafs should have won! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

In EVERY possible way, the Leafs lost last night's game. In fact, the Leafs FOURTH LINE was their best last night. Want proof?

First Line: Connolly/Kessel/Lupul - finished a collective -7 (a not so lucky number last night).

Second Line: MacArthur/Kulemin/Grabovski - finished a collective -5.

Third Line: Bozak/Crabb/Lombardi - finished a collective -3... notice how the number continues to go down?

Fourth Line: Rosehill/Steckel/Brown - finished a collective -3 playing almost identical minutes to the third line AND won a higher percentage of face-off draws.

But let's not forget folks, the whole reason why we had to sit Luke Schenn is because he would have a shaky shift here and there that would lead to a goal against.

We sit Mike Komisarek, we lose 6-2. We sit Luke Schenn, we lose 7-0, to the exact same team.

Defencemen that played last night with plus/minus on the year:

Dion Phaneuf (+5), Carl Gunnarsson (+2), Mike Komisarek (+6) - well that just can't be true, we sat him! He's supposed to be terrible! John-Michael Liles (+4), Jake Gardiner (-2) say what? Cody Franson (-5).

Wow, Schenn's numbers must look awful compared to Gardiner and Franson. I mean, Schenn is a stay-at-home defencemen, he has to be like a -12 or something.

Luke Schenn - EVEN

I give up. Ron Wilson and his tiny, ridiculous old-man mustache wins. Forever.

It's clear what this team is lacking is more Americans.

You win, Leafs. You win.