The Toronto Maple Leafs won their first game in a row for the first time since October 26th last night against the Nashvill Predators and it was another interesting affair to say the least!

Mikhail Grabovski, who has been easily the best Maple Leaf during this most resent slide, lost the puck off of the heel of his stick while attempting a pass out around the net and made what may go down as one of the worst defensive zone giveaways of the year but did later atone for it by scoring the game tying goal, his fourth in five games.

While fans of the Leafs are still celebrating last nights win, somewhat of a concern in the back of everyone's mind has to be J S Giguere. Giggy left the game in the third period last night with what was speculated to be a groin injury.

Clark MacArthur who leads the Leafs in Scoring with 16 points, adds three assists last night and still manages to be a -4?

All in all last nights game was good all the way around. Despite two incredible giveaways, the Leafs powerplay clicked thanks in large part to the Wild's in ability to stay out of the box in the second period, while the Leafs were only penalized twice the whole game.

The Leafs also had another goal dis allowed, that makes six on the season. The goal was dis allowed because the goal, in the officials opinion was interfered with, that begs the question, why wasn't a penalty called?